Honourable mention #1 - The Di Papa Family Shuffle -

On our April show, landlord Pasquale di Papa shuffled the deck, revealing that he and Ray Bernardo were in cahoots, welcoming new Tag Team Champions Randy Bynoe & DJ into the fold, while firing the newly hired Clan Freedom and long time member Randy Reign in the same night. Talk about Family matters!


Honourable mention #2 - FIRST BLOOD -

Former partners Gunns & MC Hardbody went to war with one another on our August show. After seeing some success as a team, the two unceremoniously split in June after a loss to The Ripperoos, as Nathan”Gunns”Smoak as he’s now known, revealed his allegiance to the ever changing Di Papa Family. When all was said and done however, it was the tenacious MC Hardbody that made his former partner bleed first for the victory.


#10 - Aussie Rules the Rumble -

Our year kicked off with a 40 man Royal Rumble style match in January, in which the best of the best that Battle Arts had to offer competed. After all had been eliminated, one relative newcomer was left standing in the ring as the victor, and that competitor was Sam Osborne from Australia. Although he was unsuccessful in the Heavyweight Championship match that he earned with then Champion Mike Dorosti in February, Osborne went on to have a tremendous 2017, capturing the Tag Team Championships twice with partner Tony Cage, as The Ripperoos.


#9 - Bye Felicia -

Natalie Bramwell made a strong impression in her debut year of 2017, and this moment encapsulated it all. The dominant female competitor made her presence known by throwing Vanessa straight out of the ring onto her teammates and competition with no regard for their safety. What kind of dominance will Bombshell Bramwell show in her sophomore year at Battle Arts Professional Wrestling? Only time will tell. Look out below!


#8 - Leap of Faith -

A mighty Giant emerged this year in Battle Arts Professional Wrestling, and we know little about him at this point other than his name, Cadman. After several months of unsolicited attacks on The Beast from the Middle East, the monster Karou finally got a match with the Mighty Cadman, executing a death defying leap onto Cadman and several others trying to break up the fight, directly over top of Commissioner Anthony Carelli, amidst a brawl. However, the mighty Cadman was finally victorious over Karou on December 16th in a one-on-one contest. How will the Kurdish crippler respond to this mountain of a man!?


#7 - Destiny Invades! -

On our June show, George The Iceman owner of Destiny World Wrestling picked three of his best to compete against three of Battle Arts Professional Wrestling’s most outstanding competitors in a high stakes matchup, which saw the stars of Destiny, Stone Rockwell, RJ City & Playboy John Atlas victorious. Due to a bet that was made, this meant that commissioner Anthony Carelli had to come out of retirement for one more match! Upholding his end of the bargain, Anthony Carelli, or Santino Marella, returned to the ring for Destiny World Wrestling in August!


#6 - A Thief In The Night -

After losing a Light Heavyweight Championship match in August, a disgruntled Latin Lover carried out a vicious attack upon Champion Buck Gunderson, before stealing the title belt! After galavanting around town with the belt for a couple of months, the title belt was eventually returned to Gunderson, and a “be all, end all” match was set...a No Holds Barred, Loser Leaves Town Street Fight in November! Gunderson was victorious and retained his Championship, and thus The Latin Lover has been banished from Battle Arts Professional Wrestling. Don’t get too excited though...he returned for commentary on our December event! Will he return to the ring in 2018?


#5 - The Lion, the Switch and the Wardrobe -

Freedom Wallace & Bradford Montague, Clan Freedom, had been chasing the Tag Team Championships for most of 2017. In July, they won a 4-way elimination Tag Team match to become no. 1 contenders under suspicious circumstances, as what seemed to be a Freedom look-a-like emerged from under the ring to score the final pinfall! In August, new Champions The Ripperoos had to defend the belts against Clan Freedom, and the Stirling Scots pulled another fast one, using their mystery doppelganger to capture the Tag Team Championships in controversial fashion. Despite their cheating ways, the Clan held the titles for two months, before finally losing them back to Tony Cage & Sam Osborne, who foiled Freedom’s plan, as it turns out the look-a-like is another one of Freedom’s Cousins, Ollie Wallace.


 #4 - Screwed. -

Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Dorosti was the quintessential Champion, up until June when James Runyan scored a shocking victory to capture the title. In the return contest, then referee Rick Wildey, whom is also the Tag Team partner of James Runyan, helped “screw” Dorosti out of his rematch, as Wildey called for the bell prematurely to end the match while Runyan was applying a submission hold, even though there was no evidence of Dorosti submitting. The pair then attacked a livid Dorosti and turned their backs on the Battle Arts audience, showing their true unsportsmanlike colours.


#3 - Rule Britannia -

Anarchy finally ruled the day in October, when Ad Hutchinson, formerly known as The British Brawler, defeated Heavyweight Champion James Runyan to win his first Battle Arts title after several attempts. Even though cornerman Ricky Wildey attempted to sway the outcome by physically interfering in the match-up, the Newcastle born Brawler was able to overcome the odds and deliver a devastating running powerslam to capture the Championship! God Save the Queen!


 #2 - Foley Knows Best! -

On the night of our huge Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals which saw Kingdom Come, Randy Bynoe & DJ become the inaugural champions with a victory over Clan Freedom, we were graced by the presence of a wrestling dignitary in Mick Foley. The Hardcore legend surprised the audience with an unexpected appearance, and wished the competitors in the tournament finals all the best before their match-up that evening. The response to Kingdom Come’s victory in the main event was one of the most exciting of the year, but it was made all the more special by Foley’s presence that night! Thanks Mick!


#1 - The Master & His Students -

Our finest moment this year has to go to our Master head instructor, Yuki Ishikawa. The founder of the original BATTLARTS in Japan rarely competes anymore, but on August 19th, 2017 he teamed with Bolo Fung to take on then Heavyweight Champion James Runyan & Pretty Ricky Wildey, the team known as Runyan Wild, who certainly deserved the comeuppance they received that night. Of course the Master and his student were victorious, and the legend displayed his skill in fine form. His choice of partner also foreshadowed the coming months, as Bolo Fung went on to win the Light Heavyweight Championship on our December show from Buck Gunderson, and he will enter 2018 representing the Light Heavyweight division of our Academy. In the coming months, a documentary film about Ishikawa will also be released, and so we invite you to learn more about our story as we move forward through the New Year. Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year to you all from Battle Arts Professional Wrestling.


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