Di Papa & co. celebrate in the ring.

The unthinkable happened on Saturday night, as Light Heavyweight Champion Dustin Quicksilver turned his back on his supporters and revealed that he too is now under the management of Battle Arts Academy’s landlord, Pasquale di Papa. The move puts both Champions under di Papa’s “guidance,” along with veteran wrestler J.P. Morgado.

Several minutes into what was a competitive match between T.O. and Quicksilver, J.P. Morgado, Randy Reign and di Papa made their way ringside. T.O. let go of what may have been a winning submission hold, and stood back to back with Quicksilver as Morgado and Reign circled the ring, seemingly about to attack. Then suddenly, Quicksilver showed his true colours, hitting T.O. from behind to gain the victory after the disruption. He then celebrated with his new cohorts, as the audience sat aghast.

Quicksilver defeats T.O. with help from Morgado and Reign.

Why did Quicksilver join di Papa? Stay tuned to Battle Arts Professional Wrestling for further developments on this shocking turn of events.

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Dustin Quicksilver has turned against his supporters.  Why?

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