Battle Arts Professional Wrestling: Rising Stars

September 19, 2015 


Kidd Myers def. “Danger” Will Payne via submission under Battle Arts Rules, when Kidd Myers executed a jumping cross arm bar.


Karou def. DJ via pinfall after a chokeslam. 


Randy Reign def. Smiles via pinfall after a Reignmaker.


Mike Dorosti addressed the audience about the previous month’s attack at the hands of Buck Gunderson, who was disguised as The Fight Monkey.  When the Fight Monkey arrived on the scene again this time, a suspicious Mike Dorosti sprang into action and hit the mascot with his signature maneuver, only to realize he had attacked a helpless man that wasn’t Gunderson! While Dorosti tended to the fallen mascot, Gunderson attacked Dorosti from behind again, enraging the mercenary!   With Anthony Carelli there to witness the whole ordeal, he ordered a main event match for later this night. 


Del Carter & D-Man Parker def. Royal United (Freedom Wallace & the British Brawler) via pinfall after Freedom Wallace dropped from the ring apron, effectively abandoning his tag team partner when he desperately needed a tag.  British Brawler was subsequently pinned by D-Man after a second rope elbow drop.  Afterwards, Freedom Wallace addressed a fallen British Brawler, without his familiar Scottish accent, explaining that Royal United was no more.


Freedom Wallace won an 11 man Battle Royal by last eliminating Connor Ryan, which also featured Franchise, Ygor, Karou, Bolo Fung, D-Man Parker, Kidd Myers, “Danger” Will Payne, Del Carter, DJ & Smiles.


Dustin Quicksilver def. Randy Bynoe via countout under Battle Arts Rules when Randy Bynoe left the ring after a series of Quicksilver’s offensive maneuvers, and returned to the locker room area.


Aria Sapphire expressed her displeasure with the lack of female competition for her at Battle Arts Academy.


Buck Gunderson def. Mike Dorosti via pinfall in a lumberjack match after an acid drop.  This was made into a lumberjack match shortly after it began by Anthony Carelli.  Karou, one of the lumberjacks, attempted to interfere seemingly on behalf of Gunderson, but was then removed from the ring by Randy Reign, who was then attacked from behind with a rear naked choke by Smiles, and rendered unconscious prior to the final pinfall.  


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