Battle Arts Professional Wrestling: Rising Stars

October 17, 2015 

Gunns & Goggles def. D-Man Parker*

The Latin Lounge featured Aria Sapphire.  Aria explained why she was leaving Battle Arts Academy for Japan and slapped Latin Lover out of his chair after he made advances towards her.  

Smiles def. Big Tex Carmichael by TKO when Smiles seemingly broke the arm of Big Tex.

Randy Bynoe def. Karou 

Mike Dorosti def. Buck Gunderson in an "I Quit" match. 

DJ won a 9 man over-the-top-rope Battle Royale by last eliminating Buck Gunderson.

Sansyu def. Dustin Quicksilver*

Freedom Wallace def. The British Brawler via pinfall after Freedom Wallace struck Brawler with his sword while the referee was unconscious.  


*Battle Arts Rules


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