Battle Arts Professional Wrestling: Rising Stars

August 22, 2015


D-Man Parker def. Darius Anhile via submission. *


Karou def. Blake Bleeker via pinfall.  After the match, Karou continued to brutally assault Blake Bleeker, but Randy Reign ran to the ring and stopped the attack and came face to face with the monster Karou in a staredown. 


Dustin Quicksilver def. “Danger” Will Payne via TKO.*


Carys entered the ring to explain that she is leaving Battle Arts for the time being, and was interrupted by Aria Sapphire who provoked Carys into a fight.


Smiles def. Big Tex Carmichael via TKO when Smiles supposedly broke the arm of Big Tex Carmichael. 


Mike Dorosti entered the ring to address the audience about the actions of Buck Gunderson but was interrupted by Buck, who appeared on the BattleTron, telling the audience that he was not in the arena and there would be no ice cream tonight. 


J.P. Morgado & the Latin Lover def. Royal United (The British Brawler & Freedom Wallace) via pinfall with a schoolboy rollup, after British Brawler collided with an unbeknownst Freedom Wallace. Royal United argued after the incident about what had happened.


“Danger” Will Payne won a 7 man Battle Royal by last eliminating Smiles.  Also in the match were Franchise, Dustin Quicksilver, Rob Backlund, James Runyan & D-Man Parker.


DJ and Del Carter fought to a time limit draw.*


“Mercenary” Mike Dorosti def. Randy Bynoe via pinfall.  After the match, Mike Dorosti was viciously attacked by Buck Gunderson, who was disguised as the Fight Monkey.


*Battle Arts Rules


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